Stock Truck Dollies

Manufacturer: Metro

FOB: California, Pennsylvania and Tennessee
Special discounts available for large orders

Stock Truck Dollies are aluminum dollies with a single catalog number for frame and casters with wraparound bumper. Use with Super Erecta Shelving and posts to create mobile carts for higher weight capacities.

10 Models Available for
Stock Truck Dollies

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Model No. Shelf Width x Length Casters Price Ea. Qty
D53JN 24" x 36" Two B5DN/Two B5DNB $351.88
D55JN 24" x 48" Two B5DN/Two B5DNB $371.51
D56JN 24" x 60" Two B5DN/Two B5DNB $396.25
D53MN 24" x 36" Two 6P/Two BL6P $749.01
D55MN 24" x 48" Two 6P/Two BL6P $770.63
D56MN 24" x 60" Two 6P/Two BL6P $792.63
D55PN 24" x 48" Two 8P/Two BL8P $830.00
D56PN 24" x 60" Two 8P/Two BL8P $852.88
D55PSLN 24" x 48" Two C8DA/Two C8DSLA $641.14
D56PSLN 24" x 60" Two C8DA/Two C8DSLA $662.50

1 Option Available for
Stock Truck Dollies

Stock Truck Dollies Option Image

Option: Staked Posts

FOB California, Pennsylvania or Tennessee warehouse

Each post connects to a truck dolly through the stem receptacle. The stem receptacles are staked into the bottom of these posts to ensure a durable connection in abusive applications.
Model No. Height Finish Weight Price Ea. Qty
54P-STKD 54-9/16" Chrome 3.0 lbs. $21.17
63P-STKD 62-9/12" Chrome 3.5 lbs. $22.28
74P-STKD 74-5/8" Chrome 4.0 lbs. $23.34
54PS-STKD 54-9/16" Stainless 3.0 lbs. $45.62
63PS-STKD 62-9/16" Stainless 3.5 lbs. $49.86
74PS-STKD 74-5/8" Stainless 4.0 lbs $56.23